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The activities of APAA include:

  1. Exchanging information and views concerning intellectual property protection;
  2. Establishing and maintaining close contacts with various governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental organizations relating to intellectual property, and to participate in meetings to be held by such organizations;
  3. Investigating, studying and submitting plans and proposals with a view to assisting in improving international and domestic laws and regulations concerning intellectual property protection in the Asian region;
  4. Holding a Council Meeting every year and a General Assembly every three years;
  5. Publishing materials covering the activities of the association.

The work of the association relating to the various areas of intellectual property law is carried out by a number of Standing Committees whose Chairpersons are appointed by the Council. The work includes reviewing latest developments in the law in the Asian region, conducting studies on selected issues and submitting proposals for improvement in the law and practice.

The committees are:

Anti-Counterfeiting Committee
Copyright Committee
Designs Committee
Emerging IP Rights Committee
Patents Committee
Trademarks Committee
Website Group
Workshop Group


Indian Chapter

Office Bearers

Membership form for APAA (Indian Grroup)

54th Annual Concil Meeting 2007

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