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Software Piracy

The key business of the Internet is computer software. The issue of computer software piracy is itself not a new one. However, the issue, which arises out of having computer software on the Internet, the rights and liabilities of various parties involved in the process and the steps taken to curb it. In India, computer software falls under copyright laws and therefore, the software can be protected under the Copyright Act. The problem is that the philosophy behind the Internet is freedom of imformation and freedom to information. In other words, there is no restriction to the information available on the Internet in any form. On the other hand, the philosophy behind intellectual property protection is to give monopolistic protection to the authors. These two philosophies are in direct conflict with each other. Considering the extent to which the computer programs and communications software are growing in market size and economic value, the nature protection to be provided is extremely important. The issues of infringement of copyright are to be addressed by recourse to the provision of Copyright. Act as no specific provision has been made for the offences relating to infringement of copyright in the IT Act.


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