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Functions Of A Trade Mark
  1. The trademark performs the role of identifying the goods of a particular manufacturer and gives an indication of its origin, or establishes a connection in the course of trade.
  2. The trade mark assures quality of the product and acts as a symbol representing the goodwill of the business.
  3. Also a trademark advertises the product and creates an image in the mind of the ultimate purchaser.

Distinction Between Trade Mark/Service Mark

The distinction between the Trade Mark and Service Mark is established by looking at the purpose for which a mark is put to use. The Trade Mark is used in respect of vendible articles as against services of any nature provided by a person under a Service Mark capable of distinguishing his services from those of others. "Service" will include services of any description rendered to the customers / users including industrial, commercial, Banking, educational, insurance, chit fund, communications, insurance, hotels, entertainment, construction, amusement, advertising etc.

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