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Registration of Domain Name ‘.asia’

It has been announced that during the launch of first phase of the sunrise period which opened up on October 9, 2007 will run until October 30. The trademark owners that have applied for trademarks before March 16, 2004 may apply for the ‘.asia’ domain name corresponding to their trademarks provided that (a) these trademarks must be issued and valid upon submission of the domain registration application; (b) the applicant must be able to actively use the registered mark; (c) the registrant must be the owner and (d) the documentary evidence are submitted along with the applications.

Between November 2007 and January 2008 another sunrise period 2b for similar domain name shall be launched, applying the similar restrictions. To be eligible to register a domain name during that period:

  • the trademarks that are the basis for the domain name must have been applied for before December 2006, and
  • the domain name applied for must be made up of the mark and significant words from the Nice Classification. For example, if the ABC is registered for chemicals, the applicant may apply for the domain name ‘’.

Sunrise period 3 will open on January 13, 2008 for Asian companies and organizations wishing to apply for domain names of their company or trade name. To be eligible for such registration, the applicant business must be registered before December 2006.

In order to deal with the large number of applicants, DotAsia will be introducing an auction scheme, i.e. if more than one applicant applies for the same domain, the domain between the qualified applicants will be auctioned.



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